Top 7 best sites to watch movies and TV shows in 2019

Movies are the most entertaining thing where you can enjoy a lot. Nowadays, TV shows also plays a major role equal to movies. For movies or shows you need not to go anywhere, you can watch it anywhere at any time with the help of these websites. Let’s have a look on some of those websites.

Here are the top 7 websites for streaming movies or shows;

  • Putlocker
  • Hotstar
  • Vudu
  • Hulu
  • Daily motion
  • Popcornflix
  • Vimeo


This is one of the popular website and it was started in 2011. The key language of this website is English and they provide subtitles for needed language. You need not register and you need not spend any money for watching movie or TV shows. The only thing you need is fast internet connection. This ranks on top among all other website.


This has variety of movies, TV shows only in selected languages. Hotstar make regular updating to have a better and good experience for the viewers. In this website if you need prior shows then you have to pay monthly rent with minimal charge. Those who have paid account will be updated with hotstar VIP files.

Vudu: This is one of the American companies and it works under peer to peer technology. In this technology you can connect internet to TV. This is not designed under free as its technology is little advanced you need to pay some charges on monthly or yearly basis.


This is US based website that displays movies and also it has Lulu live TV. In this live TV you can enjoy the TV shows lively at your place with the help of mobile. It wins many awards and also provides international availability.


Popcornflix has many movies and shows based on the viewer’s choice and this is free version. While playing the video there will be advertisement in between but it is not too long. You won’t get irritated with that. In this movies and shows are listed without any sorting you need to pick whatever you need.

Daily motion

It is a French based websites that shares movies, TV shows, and many other entertainment shows in various journals. This website shares the media files in more than 25 languages, apart from this they also offers local home pages. It has huge viewers with more than 3 million per month.


This is also a website that gives video with free of cost. There won’t be any advertisement in between the videos and the quality of video is high. As it reaches many people and gives though competition for many video streaming websites.

These are some of the popular websites that provides you videos with paid or free of cost. Among these putlocker is one the best website with good and updated videos where you can have more entertainment. For more details you can visit the official webpage and if needed download it and experience it with full of joy.