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Christopher McCandless Going to Alaska and Warms Hearts Along the Way

After I read the book Into the Wild, I desired to learn more about the young man who traveled to Alaska. I never expected to like the movie less than the book. I did learn much more about Christopher McCandless and am glad for having watched the film of his journey. My problem with this film began almost from the beginning of it when they were making Chris seem clinically insane. I take issue with that. Anyone who watches and listens to the people who knew him can see this young man was intelligent, crafty, intuitive, calm, and very sane!
Also many of the people who knew Christopher McCandless personally were touched by him and were very lucky to have known him. He was so caring about everyone and always did the right thing. Maybe that is why some characterize him as crazy, just because he was not a party-let’s-get-it-on kind of guy. Most of us have some type of issue with our parents and can understand wanting to leave and never look back, especially in your 20’s when the world looks bright and new. Where Alaska seems the perfect destination for some alone time. Chris never expected anything bad could happen to him. He trusted life, strangers, and the universe.

This film of Into the Wild goes back and forth from Christopher McCandless’s past to the present where he is living by himself in Alaska. A little confusing for me to keep up with the timeline and when what happened to him. There is unnecessary nudity in the film and a very slow-motion shower scene which felt odd to me. Christopher McCandless trained his body for a life in Alaska, he learned about killing and cleaning animals so he could fend for himself, and so many new friends along the way gave him tools and clothing. He was prepared for living in Alaska by himself. He was a very smart guy, intent on fulfilling a dream. He made it to Alaska after working at odd jobs along the way and hitch hiking. Again the film seemed to take the viewpoint that Christopher McCandless had lost his mind with cursing, screaming, and talking to himself. I believe he was in heaven and proud of himself for making it, proud that he could fend for himself even in Alaska….alone! Along the way not only did people help him with knowledge and tools but Chris helped those people as well. All were sad to see him go and tried to stop him from going. Asking him to stay with them. If this young man had been insane, I do not feel that would have happened like that. He was so polite to everyone, no matter what.

Would I recommend this film? Sure. But you will come to care for Christopher McCandless and be upset at how he is portrayed at times. This was based on a true story and should have been told in truth. I doubt one person in real life ever saw Chris do anything close to insane. He was a responsible, intelligent person who was thinking clearly and wanted to go to Alaska. He planned as carefully for it as anyone else would plan for a vacation. Not only will you come to care about Christopher McCandless but also all of the people he meets along the way. Was it a tearjerker? For me, no. The book was more of a tearjerker for me. It did make me smile at some of Chris’s quotes on his philosophy of life and living life.

There were many instances of slow parts to the movie Into the Wild and I felt my mind wandering. The actors did a great job but many times there would be nothing going on but shots of the scenery.

10 Best Movies to Watch in Summer

Summer is the season of action, when Hollywood unleashes its biggest-budgeted films on audiences looking for a thrill. The right movie can offer a perfect diversion from the heat, and there have been hundreds of movies that add to the dynamic, uplifting spirit of summer.
Here are my top 10.

“Raiders of the Lost Arc” (1981)

The world is introduced to Indiana Jones, America’s answer to 007. Harrison Ford embodied the archetypal hero, complete with a quest, charm and human flaws. An epic adventure, “Raiders” offers what many contemporary flicks don’t – a strong plot without leaning on the crutch of overused special effects.

“Bull Durham” (1988)

Summer and baseball go hand-in-glove, and writer/director Ron Shelton’s classic is the best baseball movie ever. There’s enough subplot to entertain those who don’t care much for the game. But the incredible depth of the film is owed to its focus on struggling minor league ballplayers rather than on those that make it to “the show.”

“Splash” (1984)

Without “Splash” most people might never have known who Tom Hanks was. The little romantic comedy has a huge heart thanks to Hanks, and Eugene Levy and the late John Candy do the comedic heavy lifting. If summer is for falling in love, this movie makes the list by sparking America’s love affair with Hanks (years before he was sleepless in Seattle or had mail).

“Top Secret” (1984)

Plain old credit-to-credit slapstick. The “Airplane” brain trust stayed true to their comedic style in this World War II spoof. Val Kilmer is so good, you have to wonder why he stayed away from the genre after “Real Genius” came out in 1985 ( “McGruber” and “Top Gun” don’t count). “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” would be a possibility here, but you kind of have to be a fan.

“Back to the Future” (1985)

It’s classic summer fun, and could almost be considered a crossover between comedy and sci-fi, with a touch of cliffhanger thrown in at the end. That’s plenty of entertainment, but everything works – the music is perfect for both time periods, production value holds up today and the main performances are arguably each respective actor’s best film work.

“Forrest Gump” (1994)

The Tom Hanks/ Robert Zemeckis epic was as big a summer hit as it was ambitious. Even the soundtrack was a big seller. The plot included nearly every significant American story over three decades and managed to do it without feeling bloated. This blockbuster had comedy, drama, adventure, and a bona fide movie star making us believe that an idiot can make more sense than most.

“Rocky” (1976)

If Sylvester Stallone’s boxing masterpiece doesn’t pick you up, nothing will. The bleak Philadelphia setting might leave you cold, but the against-all-odds story is undeniably bright. It’s a special film that is able to deliver a happy ending without compromising for a predictable one.

“Scream” (1996)

Kevin Williamson’s high-concept script is so unique one wonder’s how the movie would have turned out without horror master Wes Craven’s expert direction. Luckily, we don’t have to. A slasher flick that spoofs slasher flicks without lampooning them, it’s just a rippin’ good time.

“Die Hard” (1988)

Sometimes you need a summer movie where everything blows up. Where the action-packed plot would be ridiculous if you had time to dissect it between explosions. Bruce Willis has enough one-liners to make Arnold Schwarzenegger shoot something and Alan Rickman plays one of the best film villains of the 1980s. Yippie ki-yay —

“Blazing Saddles” (1974)

Okay, this is admittedly a guilty pleasure, but that’s part of what summer’s about. Not even Mel Brooks could make this movie today, but the absurd sense of humor is a brilliant way to show the absurdity of racism. You’ll laugh your butt off one second and hate yourself for it the next.

Which is the best site to watch latest movies?

One of the most popular pastimes is to watch movies on online sites, where this is found to be the hobby of many number of people. In which, every person has particular interest about the category of movies and there are many genres to suit the particular person taste. There is hardly only limited person who does not like to watch movies, after the development of the internet technology now everything is available on the internet. There are also number of movie sites are available on the internet where you can watch your favorite movies on online as per your need. Where these movie sites will be providing the high definition quality of the movie videos streaming on their site and you can enjoy by watching your favorite movies at HD quality without losing the original quality of the video. These online movie sites not only contain the latest and released movies but you can also watch the TV serials streaming on their sites at high picture quality. The following are some of the best movie sites in 2019 they are found to be offering the high quality of the movie videos at free of cost.

  • Putlocker
  • Yes movies
  • Vumoo
  • Movie watcher
  • F movies
  • com
  • Go stream
  • C movies HD

First there were theatres where people could go with their family members, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends to watch the movies but today in this digital world everything has been digitalized. So, people watch their favorite movies in their Smartphone, PC or laptop just by being at their comfort zone with the help of the internet technology. The above online movie sites contains the movie databases that let the user to watch movies on online in which the users can also watch the movies in offline mode.

Advantages of watching the movies in online movie sites

The main advantage of watching the movies on these sites is that the user can choose their favorite movies at will the time to view the movies or shows unlike in the television and theatres. And you will also be getting a much greater choice of contents than a movie available in your home or the local parlor can offer. Most of these online movies sites are found to be offering these watching movie service at free of cost only few movies sites are charging affordable price from the users on the yearly basis.

With the help of this online movie sites, you can save your money spend on buying the tickets in theatres and other expenditures spend inside the theatre and you can utilize your money for other things. In which these online movie sites offer huge number of benefits to the user where they not only provide the movie service but also they provide other kinds of the services such as like telecasting live tv shows and serials and you can also watch the missed tv serials and shows in their movie sites.

Top 7 best sites to watch movies and TV shows in 2019

Movies are the most entertaining thing where you can enjoy a lot. Nowadays, TV shows also plays a major role equal to movies. For movies or shows you need not to go anywhere, you can watch it anywhere at any time with the help of these websites. Let’s have a look on some of those websites.

Here are the top 7 websites for streaming movies or shows;

  • Putlocker
  • Hotstar
  • Vudu
  • Hulu
  • Daily motion
  • Popcornflix
  • Vimeo


This is one of the popular website and it was started in 2011. The key language of this website is English and they provide subtitles for needed language. You need not register and you need not spend any money for watching movie or TV shows. The only thing you need is fast internet connection. This ranks on top among all other website.


This has variety of movies, TV shows only in selected languages. Hotstar make regular updating to have a better and good experience for the viewers. In this website if you need prior shows then you have to pay monthly rent with minimal charge. Those who have paid account will be updated with hotstar VIP files.

Vudu: This is one of the American companies and it works under peer to peer technology. In this technology you can connect internet to TV. This is not designed under free as its technology is little advanced you need to pay some charges on monthly or yearly basis.


This is US based website that displays movies and also it has Lulu live TV. In this live TV you can enjoy the TV shows lively at your place with the help of mobile. It wins many awards and also provides international availability.


Popcornflix has many movies and shows based on the viewer’s choice and this is free version. While playing the video there will be advertisement in between but it is not too long. You won’t get irritated with that. In this movies and shows are listed without any sorting you need to pick whatever you need.

Daily motion

It is a French based websites that shares movies, TV shows, and many other entertainment shows in various journals. This website shares the media files in more than 25 languages, apart from this they also offers local home pages. It has huge viewers with more than 3 million per month.


This is also a website that gives video with free of cost. There won’t be any advertisement in between the videos and the quality of video is high. As it reaches many people and gives though competition for many video streaming websites.

These are some of the popular websites that provides you videos with paid or free of cost. Among these putlocker is one the best website with good and updated videos where you can have more entertainment. For more details you can visit the official webpage and if needed download it and experience it with full of joy.

About top 5 websites like Putlocker/123Movies/FMovies

Few years back, people used to sit in front of the television excitedly waiting for the clock to strike the time for watching their favorite TV shows, movies or serials through changing the TV channels searching for the something good to watch. But now days after the development of the digital internet now people can watch their favorite TV show and latest movies on online movie sites such as like hot star, Netflix, Amazon prime and YouTube.

How to choose the best site

There are number of online streaming websites available on the internet such as like Fmovies and Putlocker that enables the public to stream the tv shows, online video content and latest movies from all over the world at free of cost with no scam or hassles of registration or subscription. These online movie websites have changed the way that how people watch the content just by bringing to the people a stream-able content in a plethora of languages and genres. However, sue of the Fmovies and Putlocker are also continuously being blocked by the legal officials and it is of frustrating one for the connoisseurs of TV shows and movies to find an affordable and accessible way to watch the content on online.

List of best online movie sites

The following are some of the top 5 websites like Putlocker, 123Movies, Fmovies online movie sites that are found to be the best one apart from the Putlocker and other kind of the best online movies sites available on the internet. They are as follows.

  • Solar movie- It is extremely a popular kind of movies site alternative where you a get the great experience. Apart from the enormous collection of free TV shows and movies the solar movie site also has a well thought of the site design. The site displays the most popular and latest trending movies on their site at various genres like horror, action, romantic, drama etc.
  • Los movies site – This online movie website has massive collections of TV shows and movies that occupy over 2000 pages worth of content. It also allows the user to search by name, popularity, genre, language or specifically by giving the films name that have the subtitles.
  • Prime wire – The prime wire is a treasure trove of diverse TV shows and movies and it is popular for having the blockbuster movies within their website. This website you can watch the latest movies available in the cinema theatre right now
  • Mega share- The megashare hosts TV shows and films from the several countries of the different languages. It has a good user experience and polished design, with easy to navigate the clear categorizations and navigate the pages that listed in the alphabetical order.
  • Niter-The niter online movie site offers a large collection of new and old movies with no additional charges and logging is required. The user experience is average with many of ads crowding and pop-ups the site.

The above are some of the online movies sites that provide the high quality of the movies and TV shows at best quality of the video and audio.