Play-by-Play: Units of Measurement

June 2, 2010 by Craig

Ok, time to get down to coding.

(Actually, I started coding a month ago. I’ve been keeping a development log since the start; I’m just getting to posting it now.)

I’ll be dealing with measurements quite a bit for ingredients and nutritionals, so I’ll want a measurement library.
Google up “Ruby Measurement.”
ruby-measure looks like what I want, but it’s undocumented. That’s a deal-breaker.

Google “ruby units of measurement”
Found ruby-units.
Its old; last updated Oct 2006. That’s a bad sign.
(Update: I eventually found the github project; it was last updated in March of 2010.)
The documentation appears to be OK.
Can it do density calculations? (Divide mass by volume to get density).
It looks like it’s worth looking into.

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