Be Careful What You Ask For

January 2, 2008 by Craig

My sister-in-law’s friend is over for a visit, and she got a spam for penis-enlargement pills. This one was notable because it apparently came with before-and-after pics. (Why she bothered opening it in the first place is beyond me.) The novelty caused a minor stir with the women in the house.

Here’s how the following conversation went. Keep in mind that Laura has a very gross sense of humor and barely cringes at anything.

SIL: “I didn’t even want to see that. Now I’m afraid of the Internet.”
Laura: “There’s nothing to be afraid of on the Internet.”
Craig: [Starts snickering]
Laura: “What?”
Craig: “Oh there’s some things.”
Laura: “Like what?”
Craig: [Ponders] “…no, I can’t show you.”
Laura: “No, show me!”
Craig: “No, I can’t, it’s too bad.”
Laura: “Come on! Show me!”
Craig: [Gives into temptation, loads a certain link, and then ponders getting his camera].
Laura: [Shock and Horror]
Laura: “I didn’t want to see that.”
Craig: “I told you so.”
Laura: “I didn’t like that. Can you show me something happy?”
Craig: “How about the Serta sheep? [Which under most circumstances would cheer her up.]”
Laura: [Frowning] “I wish I didn’t see that.”

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  1. Ahh, how innocence is lost. Wikipedia has an entry on shock sites. You may go and browse it sometime when you are feeling … stupid.


    Comment by Marco — January 3, 2008 @ 1:05 pm

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