1. What Should I Read First?

    December 28, 2008 by Craig

    Christmas Books

    I got five interesting books for Christmas this year (four of which were on my Amazon wish list). I’m turning to you, dear LazyWeb, to help me decide in what order to read them.

    They are:

    I also have Startups That Work on loan from the library. I grabbed it off the shelf prior to my long car ride in a pre-Christmas book lull.

    I could also have Fable 2, so I could put off this decision entirely. 😛

  2. 2008 in Review

    December 15, 2008 by Craig

    Self-reference is great, but it’s a shame that I haven’t posted anything this month.

    With the latest blog meme of reposting the first sentence of the first blog of each month (courtesy Marco), I can satisfy both points at the same time!

    • JAN: My sister-in-law’s friend is over for a visit, and she got a spam for penis-enlargement pills.
    • FEB: Alberta Premiere Ed Stelmach has called a provincial election for March 3.
    • MAR: I’ve been looking to buy a replacement DVD drive for my Xbox (the original one is effectively dead, a common problem).
    • APR: There’s a fair amount of evidence and for the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which states that it’s impossible to achieve better-than-market returns (when adjusted for risk) on a regular, repeatable basis.
    • MAY: From the Political Compass FAQ:
    • JUN: Goddard College invents Masters in Consciousness degree to study eastern religious traditions.
    • JLY: The actual article is full of common-sense reasoning, but it was this part that caused me to post:
    • AUG: While in Costa Rica, I had a brief discussion (with a poker website employee) about the likelihood that a computer will eventually be able to beat any human player.
    • SEP: Magicians are entertainers who manipulate the human mind; some take that art too far.
    • OCT: Barbara Ann Parodies:
    • NOV: I’ve finally figured out a use for Twitter Now.
    • DEC: Self-reference is great, but it’s a shame that I haven’t posted anything this month.