1. Wikipedia Tourism 6

    March 27, 2008 by Craig

    Peter Cushing / Star Wars

    Costuming difficulties resulted in an endearing piece of trivia about Star Wars. He was presented with ill-fitting riding boots for the Moff Tarkin role and they pinched his feet so much that he was given permission by George Lucas to play the role wearing his slippers. The camera operators filmed him above the knees or standing behind the table of the conference room set.

  2. You Are Here Redux

    March 26, 2008 by Craig

    This Slashdot post is very much in the same vein as my earlier blog post on the size of humanity relative to the size of the earth. Here’s the jist:

    If you moved every single person in the world to the land area within Texas, we’d have less population density than New York City.

    The water outflow of the Columbia River would provide each and every person with nearly 26 gallons of fresh water per day

    We could feed all those people – about 500 square meters per person – with the existing farmland within the US

    Essentially, we could live mid-density, and feed and provide potable water for every single person on the face of the earth, and not require a single person living outside of Texas – no one on the other 6 continents, the oceans, or any other State. No one in Canada or Mexico.

    We could feed everyone without a single acre converted from farmland – wouldn’t need to touch a single acre of forest, nor city, nor ocean, nor park.

    The earth can support a LOT of people; the problem is distribution of the resources. And that is a purely political issue. Concerns about too many people on earth are demonstrably false.

    (The poster provides links for all of these claims; see the post for URLs. They’re mostly raw factual/wikipedia links with one Vegan Society link to support the food production claim).

  3. Protection from Black Magic

    March 24, 2008 by Craig

    When we Westerners hear the adjective “Tantra”, we generally think “hour-long orgasms“, not “black magicians trying to kill people on primetime TV“. Fortunately my blog is here to broaden your horizons.

    James Randi might have put up a million dollars, but this guy staked his whole life (twice) that the paranormalist in question was full of crap. Needless to say, he won. The best part was near the end though:

    After nearly two hours, the anchor declared the tantrik’s failure. The tantrik, unwilling to admit defeat, tried the excuse that a very strong god whom Sanal might be worshipping obviously protected him. “No, I am an atheist,” said Sanal Edamaruku.

    Via Fark

  4. Users Can’t Think

    March 17, 2008 by Craig

    Text-based interfaces have proven that most users can’t read.
    Graphic interfaces have proven that most users can’t understand abstractions.
    Mind reading interfaces will prove that most users can’t think.

    From A New Paradigm For Web Browsing on Slashdot. Still need an original source.

  5. Fraud Alert

    March 16, 2008 by Craig

    I’ve been looking to buy a replacement DVD drive for my Xbox (the original one is effectively dead, a common problem). I attempted to buy one on Kijiji (a Craigslist competitor with a horrible name). Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve been stiffed; it’s been two weeks since I paid and I haven’t heard anything from the seller after repeated requests. So, I’m doing what I can to respond: I’ve already reported him to Paypal and Kijiji, and I’m posting his information to earn him some negative Google-karma.

    The seller contacted me using the email address murdercityknight@hotmail.com. The display name was “d g”. The emails were tagged with IP addresses of and He gave me a Paypal address of 1610@live.ca; Paypal reported his name to be Jeffrey March. Google knows a bit about him too; it sounds like he’s also going by the names David Poreba and Dave Gilchrist and uses the email/paypal addresses davegilch@hotmail.com and superspeed@live.ca. He claimed he relocated to Vancouver, which matches the IPs and the other information on the message boards. Nothing in our email conversation seemed particularly suspicious; he knew appropriate details about the product in question.

    I only lost $35, so the damage isn’t too bad. I hope everyone else who deals be more fortunate. Keyword goodness: thief liar steal ripoff fraud scam.